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Write Your Letter
Using our pre-written templates, type in your grievance. Check out our list for ideas, or view our sample letters:

•   Yard maintenance
•   Barking or chained up dog
•   Broken down vehicles
•   Property vandalism
•   Parties / loud music
•   … and much more!

Select Your Recipient
Provide the address(es) of the neighbor(s) that you wish to notify. If there are multiple recipients, no problem! We can copy the same letter to multiple addresses. You can also select delivery confirmation for each letter, to ensure it arrives to your neighbor safely.

Send a Copy to Authorities
You can choose to send a copy of your letter to the relevant authorities for an added fee. Is it a crime? Report it to law enforcement. Vicious animal? Send a notice to animal control. Rest assured, all letters are confidential, unless you choose otherwise.

We’re Notifying Your Neighbor!
Once you’ve chosen your recipients, just checkout using PayPal, and your letter will be on its way! If you have chosen delivery notification, you will receive an email confirming your letter’s safe delivery.

…or Handle it This Way!

Pound Sand

Tell them to go pound sand! Literally!
Is there someone that just aggravates the fire out of you?

Do you just want to throat punch some body? Well now you can tell them to “Go Pound Sand”!

We will send them your customized message with enough messy black sugar sand that’s sure to irritate the mess out of them!

Our special blend of black sand and white sugar is not only sure to make a huge mess but also bound to draw bugs! Don’t get mad, get even!

Say It With Sparkles

Say it with Sparkles!
Irritated or annoyed? Does something just gets under your skin? Is the person innocent but you want them to know there is something that makes you slightly crazy? We will send your personalized message complete with enough light and silky glitter to ruin their Day!

Our special blend of glitter is sure to fly everywhere and make a huge mess. We believe Glitter is a lot like herpes and you just can’t get rid of that mess!

Sack of Spiders

For the Creeper:
Do you have a Stalker, a facebook creeper, an Instagram annoyer a Twitter fritter?

Or just someone who makes your skin crawl in general? Let it be known, make them wonder, and creep them out right back! We will send your customized message along with a nasty Sack of scary spiders! All black and fuzzy and lifelike enough to make someone totally flip out!

Bag of Hard Dicks

For the Dickhead:
We all know one! Maybe you were dumped or cheated on? Maybe you know a cheater? Did someone give you a STD? Put them on Blast, anonymously of course! Drive them crazy and make them wonder! We will send your customized message complete with a “Bag of Hard Dicks” to the Dickhead of your choice. Let them explain this one!!!

Sorry kids, you must be 18 or older to send or receive a Bag of Hard Dicks!