Do you have a situation with someone you may or may not know that you would like to have addressed?

However, you do not want to create controversy or drama by bringing the issue to their attention. If so, let us Notify Your Neighbor.

Let us send out a confidential notice to this offender, making them fully aware of the situation and asking them to rectify the matter immediately. People are often not aware that their dog barks all day long while you are trying to sleep or that their teenager is having wild parties while they are at work or their yard is a mess and bringing down property values!

Is there something that bothers you at your neighbors home and you don’t want to be the one that makes that call? Let us do it! Also, you may feel that someone needs to make an official aware of a situation, or you wish someone would call Code Enforcement. Perhaps you suspect criminal activity or abuse of some kind. If it’s not a life-threatening situation, let us send a confidential notification to your local Law Enforcement, Code Enforcement or Animal Control department in your city or county, making them aware of the neighborhood infraction!


Your dog is getting out at night and dumping over everyone’s trash cans in the neighborhood. Please walk him on a leash!

Your vehicle is parked illegally in the road blocking traffic on a daily basis. Please park in your driveway or I will call the police!

Every Friday night there is a party at your home, loud music, cars parked in everyone’s yards, beer cans left behind in all of the neighbors yards. Just thought we’d make you aware.

Your dog barks all night and drives us crazy!

Can you please clean up your yard? Mow your lawn, remove the trash—it looks disgusting!

Please remove the abandoned car from your yard. We are also notifying Code Enforcement!

Please stop the loud noises coming from your apartment all night long: fighting, screaming, and banging doors!

Your flood lights shine in the windows of most of your neighbors—can you please adjust them?