How do I know my name will be kept anonymous?
We will never disclose a notifier’s information unless it is demanded by court order.

How long will it take for my neighbor to receive their notice?
All letters go out within 48 hours! Notices are sent from Central Florida the average mail time within the United States Postal service will apply, generally 3-6 working days.

What do I do if I see a crime committed?
Please call 911—we are not an urgent care or immediate notification service.

Will code enforcement departments accept anonymous tips?
Yes they must act on all tips!

Could several people from the same neighborhood go together and send a complaint via your company?
Yes, you also have the option to sign your name to the complaint or remain anonymous.

What if my neighbor ignores the complaint, will you send any kind of follow up letter and is there a charge for that?
We hope the initial letter helps resolve the problem, however in some cases a follow up letter may be necessary. Should you decide to send additional notices, we offer a discounted rate if sent within 90 days. Notify Your Neighbor will not automatically send out a follow up notice.

What if someone has been personally attacking several people on Facebook or other social media, could that be an incident for sending them a complaint letter?
Any situation that is non-life threatening can be sent via the Notify Your Neighbor website. A valid address must be provided.

Can I submit a request for someone in another community or neighborhood (e.g. a relative)?
Yes, any situation that you would like handled can be submitted from anywhere.


Your dog is getting out at night and dumping over everyone’s trash cans in the neighborhood. Please walk him on a leash!

Your vehicle is parked illegally in the road blocking traffic on a daily basis. Please park in your driveway or I will call the police!

Every Friday night there is a party at your home, loud music, cars parked in everyone’s yards, beer cans left behind in all of the neighbors yards. Just thought we’d make you aware.

Your dog barks all night and drives us crazy!

Can you please clean up your yard? Mow your lawn, remove the trash—it looks disgusting!

Please remove the abandoned car from your yard. We are also notifying Code Enforcement!

Please stop the loud noises coming from your apartment all night long: fighting, screaming, and banging doors!

Your flood lights shine in the windows of most of your neighbors—can you please adjust them?